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Your Questions Answered

Can my family and friends visit me at McKenzie Lifestyle Village?
  • Yes, definitely! Your dwelling is your home and your visitors are most welcome to visit and use the village amenities with you.


What happens to my home when I go on holiday?
  • We will care for your home and garden while you are away for short or extended periods. We ask to be advised of any extended absence and any change of plans you may make while you are away.


Can I rent or lease out my home?
  • No. The dwelling is for the sole use of the person named in the Occupation Licence and their visitors.


Is there a 24-hour emergency facility?
  • All homes are equipped with an emergency call system which is connected 24 hours a day to a specialist Call Centre. If the Call Centre receives a signal from a villa in our village, the person on duty will phone that villa in an effort to speak to the person who pushed the emergency call button. If nobody answers, the Call Centre will then phone the Village Manager or the deputy who will then respond immediately. Response calls will be either by phone or visit.

Can I bring a pet?
  • Yes, subject to the operator’s approval at the time of your application. Your current cat, caged bird or small dog will definitely be considered.


Can I have my own garden?
  • We encourage residents to take an active part in the creation of their gardens but you can do as little or as much as you like. The village landscape gardeners will look after your garden along with the village grounds and gardens. Residents also have the option to have their own raised vegetable box adjacent to their villa. In addition, communal vegetable and flower garden allotments are provided.

What other expenses will I be responsible for?
  • In addition to your weekly fee, and optional care services that you have requested, you are responsible for your own electricity, telephone, TV, contents insurance and the interior maintenance of your home. The village has its own electricity network which provides residents with electricity at reduced rates.

Is there regular financial reporting to Residents?
  • Yes. The annual financial reports are available to all residents. These include the past year’s village outgoings, financial statements and the budgets for the coming year. The accounts are reviewed by the Company Auditor and the Statutory Supervisor.

What community facilities are available?
  • A large communal Leisure Centre is available to all residents and family members. This has a lounge, kitchen facilities, library, a games or arts and crafts room, gymnasium, indoor swimming pool/spa, hair salon, therapists room and outdoor lounge furniture with bbq area. A men’s workshop, communal vegetable allotment and flower gardens, plant nursery shade-house and parking for campervans and boats are provided on-site.

Can I borrow against my investment in McKenzie lifestyle village?
  • Yes. Please refer to the Occupation Right Agreement.

If I have a complaint, who do I raise issues with?
  • The Village Residents Committee can take any complaints to McKenzie Lifestyle Village Management, or you may speak to McKenzie Lifestyle Village Management yourself. Covenant Trustee Services and the Retirement Villages Association are available to the residents and will assist with any problems not able to be remedied by Village Management.

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