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Apartment living

Step into a haven designed for a life lived to the fullest at our assisted living apartments. Discover a welcoming community crafted for those seeking comfort, support, and a vibrant lifestyle. Our thoughtfully curated residences offer a harmonious balance of independence and assistance, blending modern amenities with a warm atmosphere. Experience spacious, well-equipped accommodations designed to nurture well-being and a sense of belonging. Our dedicated team provides personalized care, fostering an engaging and fulfilling environment where cherished connections are made and cherished moments unfold. Explore a place where every individual is celebrated, creating a home where life's journey continues with vitality and joy.

Experience a lifestyle upgrade through downsizing at our vibrant lifestyle village. Simplify your living space, gaining more freedom to relish the activities you love. Our community fosters connections among like-minded individuals, providing access to top-notch amenities and many social opportunities. Embrace an active, secure, and independent lifestyle while enjoying the convenience of readily available support when needed. Downsizing, unlocks financial flexibility, freeing up resources to savour your retirement to the fullest. Join our village for a fulfilling and purpose-driven chapter in the heart of a welcoming community.

Elevated Living with

Comprehensive Services and Support

Choosing one of our apartments as your home is more than just selecting a comfortable living space – it's gaining a complete support system. Residents enjoy exclusive access to a dedicated support person available Monday to Friday, offering assistance across various aspects and providing a reassuring presence for both residents and their families.

Our commitment to support transcends the ordinary. Whether it's giving your fridge a thorough cleaning, sharing moments with your favourite tunes, or engaging in meaningful conversations – our dedicated team is here to enhance your living experience.

Experience seamless independence with discreet help at your fingertips. Each apartment is equipped with emergency assistance bells that promptly notify a Registered Nurse from McKenzie Healthcare, ensuring round-the-clock support within minutes. Complementing this commitment to your well-being, Village Residents enjoy priority access to McKenzie Healthcare, allowing you to remain close to loved ones and the life you've cultivated in Geraldine.

As an additional advantage, our all-inclusive care package encompasses essential services such as power, daily meals, regular check-ins, engaging activities, and meaningful companionship. This comprehensive support ensures a lifestyle that is not only fulfilling but also worry-free for our valued residents.


With an intimate setting able to house a maximum of 13 Residents you will have the opportunity to connect with your apartment community and the wider village community. While you can access all that the Lifestyle Village has to offer including events and activities, you also have your activities, coordinated by the dedicated apartment support, where you will be able to enjoy the company of those living around you in a relaxed more intimate setting.

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” – Fred Rogers

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